Our Recycling Initiative is geared towards Re-use, Re-purpose and Up-cycle. ♻️ ♻️
We are a brand that is very big on sustainability; from our eco-friendly raw materials to our responsibly sourced packaging materials which are all 100% recyclable. You can be sure that from start to finish our products and packaging are sustainable. Join us as we do our part to reduce our carbon footprints, waste and to keep our environment and planet green and safe.
Don’t be part of the “throw out “ generation. Re-use: Bring back your used candle jar clean and we will refill for a whopping 20% off
2. Buy our Reed diffuser refills and re- use your diffuser bottles

Re-purpose: Your used candle jars and diffusers bottles can be used for your plants, make-up brushes, pencils and more.
Check out or blogs and IG page for more information on this.